Woman Tassel Body Harness Chain \ ATTENTION : according to the customer’s requirement, the rings on the chain are all changed to the same size. Please pay attention to this. The rest places are the same as the picture

How to wear it:

(1) I use the three short chain tassels to identify the lowest body chain of the intact unit. That middle tassel dangles from the front lower midline ring.
(2) That front lower midline ring connects by chain to the ring above it in the midline that sits between the two chest.
(3)The ring between the two chest connects to 4 chains: 1 chain drapes beneath the right chest, 1 drapes above the right chest, 1 drapes beneath the
left chest and 1 chain drapes above the left chest .
(4)The left chain that drapes above the left chest is attached to a ring at the left shoulder; the right chain does the same to a ring on the right shoulder.
(5)These two rings are connected by a chain that runs behind the neck and has a clasp to connect to one of the rings. One chain encloses the upper back
and another chain encloses the mid back. The woman may step inside these circles and then pull the unit up past her legs,
(6) then hips and then up to enclose her torso; then fasten the uppermost chain behind the neck, using the aforementioned clasp to secure the unit on
the body.
(7)There is a separate smaller unit that wraps two equal length chains around the hips to meet behind the lower back; and one longer connected segment
runs beneath the crotch, front to back, and has a clasp on the end that you use to connect all the unit ends together in the back.

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Basic features:

❆Material: metal
❆Net Weight :0.15KG
❆Size:, fit almost any dimension(XS-XL)
❆Package:1pc steel chain bondage dress
❆Package Size: 19cm x 15cm x 0.1cm (7in x 6in x 0.01in)

Product Features

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  • Cross Enticing Tassel Body Link Harness .
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